What can be returned?
Any item purchased within 7 days of delivery, in special situations we will extend this time limit.

When do items need to be returned by?
Items must be returned 7 days from the delivery date, though in special situations we will extend this.
How do I return items?
Items can be either shipped back or returned to a physical location if you are local to the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Please contact us before sending your item back so that we can guide you through the process.

Our contact number for returns is 1300 987 077.
Where do items need to be returned to?
We will instruct you whether to return the item to our returns address or to the return address on the shipped item when contact is made with us in regards to the return. This is based on whether the item is shipped from us or from the supplier directly.
Shipping rates for returns?
We do not refund shipping rates, however we will pay the return shipping on a defective product. If the product is not deemed defective or is being returned for any other reason you will be charged for return shipping.
Conditions for refund? 
An item may be returned for any reason however it is required to be returned in its original packaging else the refund may be refused.

The item must be returned in the condition it is received in.

The item must be opened leaving the packaging intact so that it can be re-used for return shipping.

When the decision is made to return the item it is required that the item be re-packaged as soon as possible to prevent any unintentional damage.

The item must be returned 7 days after delivery, RugVista unfortunately can not refund or exchange items outside of this time frame.

Custom made items or specially sourced orders (items not generally stocked) can not be returned.